Bose Sleepbuds Review

by Emma Baker, Senior Editor | Published February 15th, 2024 | Reviewed by Ted Wilson, Systems Engineer

Bose Sleepbuds are designed to enhance sleep quality through a combination of comfort, a variety of soothing sounds, and noise-masking technology. 

The were specifically made for those who have trouble with sleeping due to loud background noise.

Now owned by Ozlo, the Sleepbuds are an attempt at a revolutionary  nighttime earbuds product designed to lull you to sleep. 

Bose Sleepbuds

Comfort During Sleep

I did not expect for these earbuds to stay in place all night for anyone, but especially not for someone who sleeps on their side. However, the snug fit from those silicon tips surprised me. No matter how much I toss and turn, they stay put all night.

The earbuds are so minimal and comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them a few times. The SleepBuds are small enough to avoid the annoying ear pressure or the discomfort common when sleeping with the standard earbud.

White Noise Options

Users can choose from a variety of sounds within the Bose Sleep app, ranging from white noise to nature sounds and more.

However, they do not allow you to play your own music from apps like Spotify or YouTube. This, along with its battery life (more to come on that later), were deal breakers for me. The SleepBuds are comfortable and stable in my ears, but I felt cheated for paying for eabuds that don’t… play your music. This feature was a miss from Bose, and overrides any perks that may come from this unique product.

Despite everything said above, I do understand why Bose made this choice. It is almost as though Bose did not trust its users to find their own relaxing music. The tailored music by Bose is specifically designed to be seamless, with no identifiable loop points, providing a continuous, calming audio experience. To be the most optimal SleepBuds, I guess they had to take away user choices. 

Noise Masking

The Sleepbuds don’t have active noise cancellation like some high-end earbuds. Instead, they use what’s called noise-masking technology. It’s a blend of passive noise blocking and carefully curated sounds that help drown out the usual nighttime disturbances.

Though it has no leg to stand on when compared with ANC products, the passive noise blocking works surprisingly well. Whether it’s the sound of traffic, a snoring partner, or just the general hum of the house at night, these Sleepbuds manage to create a peaceful bubble of sound. It’s not about silencing the world, but rather masking those distracting noises with something more soothing. 


Battery Life Throughout the Night

They offer around 10 hours of battery life, which is just enough juice for a full night’s sleep. They also come with a charging case that includes environmental sensors to track sleep disturbances.

Though 10 hours of charge is enough for most people, this definitely leaves out some users who sleep more than average. Though I fall in a normal range of sleep, I was still annoyed by the need to charge the earbuds every day. The product is good, but if I missed a charge, I was stuck without them anyways. 

Alternatives to the SleepBuds

  1. Sony WF-1000XM4: Offers noise cancellation and music streaming, suitable for those who want a multi-functional earbud.
  2. Apple AirPods Pro: Ideal for Apple users looking for a versatile earbud that can be used for sleep as well as daytime activities.
  3. QuietOn Sleep Earbuds: A good alternative for noise cancellation and sleep enhancement without audio playback.

All in all, The Bose Sleepbuds stand out as a specialized sleep aid, offering a unique combination of comfort, soothing sounds, and effective noise-masking technology. However, their singular focus on sleep enhancement and lack of third party music streaming might not appeal to everyone.