Bose StayHear Max Tips Review

by Emma Baker, Senior Editor | Published February 15th, 2024 | Reviewed by Ted Wilson, Systems Engineer

At the time of their release, the StayHear Max Tips were nothing if not distinctive.

Unlike anything I had used before, these tips brought a fresh perspective to what I expect from earbud comfort and audio delivery.

More than anything, the StayHear Max Tips helped my earbuds stay in my ears during movement, especially when working out. As someone who has trouble with constantly readjusting my earbuds (and then accidentally pausing my music as a result), this stability was a game changer. 

StayHearMax Infographic

The Umbrella Shape: A Novel Approach to Comfort and Seal

The notable innovation of these earbuds are in their umbrella shape. The umbrella shape was engineered to fill up the entrance of the ear canal, creating a gentle yet effective seal. Not only helping with stability, this shape also improves sound isolation, significantly blocking out external noise.

These tips ensure that the audio is directed into the ear canal without any leakage. This results in a richer, more immersive sound experience, especially noticeable in the bass frequencies. 

By blocking out some external noise and preventing leakage, I genuinely notice better sound quality from my earbuds when using these tips. 

Stability in Motion

I love high-intensity workouts, but I’ve always struggled with earbuds that slip or require constant readjustment. 

The StayHear Max Tips, while not perfect, have notably improved this aspect of my experience. Their extended flexible wing design does a good job of keeping the earbuds in place during vigorous activities. The mold bends slightly to your ear shape, making it one size fits all. Because of this, there is still some slight slippage. 

Part of the stability comes from the durable, washable silicone. This material is designed to be a balance between a soft, comfortable fit and a firm grip in the ear, allowing for anyone to feel slight improvements in the stability of their earbuds.

Size and Fit: Catering to Diverse Ear Shapes

Initially, I experimented with different sizes to find the perfect match for my ears. The StayHear Max Tips are available in standard sizes – small, medium, and large. This variety is crucial because a proper fit not only affects comfort but also the quality of sound isolation.

For anyone looking to invest in these tips, I recommend taking the time to experiment with the sizes to find your perfect fit.

Color Variants

The Bose StayHear Max tips come in the following colors:

  •  Baltic Blue
  • Stone Blue
  • Glacial White
  • Sandstone
  • Triple Black

The StayHear Max Tips strike an excellent balance between comfort, sound quality, and stability. While they may be a bit pricier than standard earbud tips, the benefits they offer justify the cost. For anyone looking to upgrade their earbud experience, I highly recommend giving the StayHear Max Tips a try.