The Best YouTube to MP3 Converters for iPhone

by Emma Baker, Senior Editor | Published February 15th, 2024 | Reviewed by Ted Wilson, Systems Engineer

Great YouTube to MP3 converters on iPhones should display ease of use, quality output, and reliable performance. Below are my top picks of iPhone converters that have all of these qualities. 

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What are the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Apps on iPhones?

The best YouTube to MP3 converter apps for iPhones are YouTube++, Video Downloader Pro, the Shortcut App, Snappea Online YouTube Downloader, and the YT YouTube to MP3 converter.

These apps stand out for their:

They offer a reliable and efficient way to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format directly on your iPhone.

1. YouTube++: A Sleek and Efficient Choice

YouTube++ has been a consistent performer in my toolkit. Its ability to play audio in the background is particularly beneficial, allowing me to listen to content while engaged in other activities. The audio quality with this app is pretty good, but it is not at the level that some audiophiles may expect.

2. Video Downloader Pro: A Versatile Browser-Based Tool

Another tool I’ve frequently utilized is Video Downloader Pro.

Its integrated browser feature streamlines the process of locating and downloading YouTube videos for conversion.

The addition of a password-protected vault for file storage is a thoughtful touch, especially useful for organizing a large collection of downloads, a feature that many YouTube mp3 converters tend to overlook.

3. Snappea Online YouTube Downloader: Fast and Web-Based

For quick, web-based conversions, I often turn to Snappea Online YouTube Downloader. Despite occasional variations in sound quality, its speed and user-friendliness make it an excellent choice for a rapid YouTube to MP3 converter.

4. YT YouTube to MP3 converter iOS: Simple and Effective

I’ve found that the YT YouTube to MP3 converter iOS stands out for its straightforward approach. It’s ideal for those who need a no-frills, efficient YouTube to MP3 downloader on iPhones. Its compatibility with all iOS web browsers adds to its versatility, making it a reliable choice for converting YouTube videos.

In summary, whether you’re looking to download MP3 from YouTube on iPhone, convert YouTube to MP3 audio, or need a YouTube MP3 downloader app that cuts the audio precisely, there’s a tool out there that will meet your needs.

FAQs for Converting Videos on iPhones

How can I convert YouTube videos to MP3 on my iPhone without using a computer?

To convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly on your iPhone without needing a computer, you can use various mobile apps designed for this purpose. These apps typically allow you to download and convert YouTube content into MP3 format right on your device. Look for apps that offer features like background play and batch processing, which can make the conversion process both efficient and user-friendly.

Are there any free YouTube to MP3 converter apps for iPhone that maintain high audio quality?

Yes, there are several free YouTube to MP3 converter apps for iPhone that offer high-quality audio output. Snappea Online YouTube Downloader and YT YouTube to MP3 converter iOS are notable examples.

These apps not only provide free conversion services but also ensure that the audio quality of the converted MP3 files is not compromised, making them ideal choices for users seeking high-quality audio MP3 YouTube converter options without incurring costs.

Is it legal to use YouTube to MP3 converter apps on iPhones, and are there any risks?

The legality of using YouTube to MP3 converter apps on iPhones largely depends on how you intend to use the converted files. It’s typically legal for personal, non-commercial purposes. However, using the content for commercial purposes or distributing it without permission may violate copyright laws.

Regarding risks, it’s crucial to download apps from trusted sources to avoid malware. Always adhere to copyright laws and use conversion tools responsibly to prevent legal issues and ensure the safety of your device.